Operations Support May 24th through Memorial Day May 26th, 2003.

Thanking our Veterans.

On this seventh visit to the DS&N by Moose Valley crews, weather is the primary concern.  The forecast for the weekend turned out to be much worse than the weather actually was.

The weather was cool and cloudy all weekend, but only a fraction of the rain which was forecast fell.

Due to a raw material shortage, the track department was not ahead of the gandy dancers this weekend.  The material situation was eased, but only 50' of new track was put down.  Work was concentrated in the vicinity of MP 50.0.

New ties are being set out to dry on Saturday morning.

On Sunday, the Gantz team builds 2 new panels.

Engineer G. Agne switches the work train with brakeman M. Agne cutting cars.

WAG #2200 is in the work train on Saturday.

Saturday morning rain arrived, and the DS&N forces used the opportunity to ride into Galeton for some supplies.  The big air compressor in the track house was installed, and an electrical problem was addressed by the local utility.  Work on the line begins after noon, where we left off at MP 50.0 in April.  It was determined early on that a retaining wall would be needed here, and 3 track panels were put down Saturday, before building of the wall on Sunday.  Due to a labor shortage, a crew of one was used to put down 30' on the first day.

3 new panels down on Saturday.

Saturday evening, the entire length of the line was inspected by the management.

Wag #2300 takes the inspection train west.

A friendly wave from the passengers.

Extra 2300 west heads for the end of the line at MP 110.0

Sunday dawned brighter and additional manpower became available for the duration of the day.  Construction of the retaining wall began in earnest

The tractor operators view, as supplies for the retaining wall are delivered.

The crew at MP 53 working with shovels and hand tools, installs the retaining wall.

C&EI 241 has work train duty today, as a crew loads two panels for the trip east.

The panels are allowed to overhang the flat car for transport to the work site.

The work train is on the move.  Engineer R. Gantz is at the throttle.

The work train passes MP 40.0 with two track panels on the rear.

After installation of the final 20' of track for the weekend, the DS&N operated two trains to service the line.

The extra 2200 meets extra 241 at MP 50.  Both trains will proceed east.

241 takes the main east so 2200 can go west to get behind it.

241 runs back to MP 55.

241 with a different crew runs west past MP 43.

Memorial day dawned foggy and wet.  It was too rainy to run trains, but crews did manage to get out and ballast the previous days work.

The view from MP 170.0 looking west into the fog.

Crews worked all of Monday morning finishing the track, between MP 40.0 and 55.0.  Ballast and tamping was performed on this section.

Ballast work was also performed at the other end of the line, on the section laid in December.  Maintenance on WAG #2200 was performed (front traction motor coupling), and fresh fuel run through all 4 locomotives.

Above is one of the two original FR&S signals that have come home to roost on the DS&N.  Installation of those will take place at some point it the future.


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