Operations Support May 29th, 30th and 31st, Memorial Day Weekend, 2004

Remembering those who served.
All gave some.  Some gave all.

This was the 11th visit to the DS&N by Moose Valley crews, and a beautiful weekend to start our 2004 season with.  50' of new track were laid on the West Pike subdivision, extending to MP 70.0.  60' is needed to complete the subdivision.  Extensive ballast work was performed, and a successful run session was held Sunday evening using all available equipment.

Before the crew arrived at the DS&N Division, we had an opportunity to catch some rival road action in Marysville PA.  Here an Eastbound NS train roars past, with a BNSF "Bun Sniffer" in the consist.  

Upon arrival, crews set to work in the engine house performing the necessary de-winterization activities.  A missing bolt was found on the 970, and repairs were effected immediately.

Maintenance technician R. Gantz, works "in the pit" to repair the 970.  A problem with the original installation of a shaft bearing had allowed a bolt to loosen, and fall away.  This defect was corrected with new bolts, and extra fasteners which will increase reliability.

Shop assistant G. Agne illustrates the fact that locomotive maintenance is a dirty job.

Grounds work was also performed to help with the task of getting the railroad into good aesthetic repair.  Here, B&B department employee J.D. Sampson is correcting errant weed growth within the yard area.

With all of the locomotives de-winterized, and their batteries charged, operations can begin.

Engineer R. Gantz, with the 2200 heads east out of the engine house, and after performing some switching, 
will take the train for an inspection run of the line.

The train crews perform the necessary switching.

The 2200 brings the inspection train up the stiff Meeker grade without an problems.  The line has weathered the winter successfully!

Track work begins on the West Pike Sub with debris clearing.

With an inspection of the line complete, work areas are noted and discussed, and the crews set about correcting defects.  Two teams are deployed, one working on new track installation and the other on track surfacing.

The work train has assembled, and is dispatched to the track house to pick up two new track panels.  Two other panels have already been placed, and are being installed.

J. Gantz is shown here working on installing the new panels.  Progress was slow but steady, due mostly to the long winter furlough.  Track gangs were out of practice and needed some time to get familiarized with the most expedient methods.

The milepost paint crew is seen here in the lush green Pennsylvanian landscape

The mileposts on the line had taken a severe weathering over the last two years, and consequently, were in need of freshening up.  A crew of two was kept busy repainting the signage on the line.

Holly and Suzi are the pretty women doing the tedious task of repainting all 16 mileposts on the line.  Holly has some commercial art experience and does an excellent lettering job by hand.

A newly painted and lettered milepost.

During the track resurfacing work, track alignment was also performed, using the DS&N's laser alignment system.

Track department employee M. T. Agne is shown here walking the laser target to it's destination. 

 Below, the milepost painting crew stays in the clear, as laser operator R. Gantz sights the device down the line.







The laser provides a nice straight track!

The railroad itself was not the only thing in need of winter repairs.  Two windows in the engine house had cracked due to foundation settling, and contracted forces of the B&B department were on hand to initiate repairs.

J. Miller from the B&B forces examines the broken windows, and begins the necessary repairs.  The DS&N wishes to thank the many people who contribute to the effort of keeping the property in good order, and to those who provide year round over sight and security.

50 feet of new track is now installed.  Only about
6 more panels are needed to complete the West
Pike Subdivision.

Freshly laid ballast with a smooth track profile will make for a fine run.


A Run session was held Sunday evening, and 8 crew members enjoyed their train service hours over well groomed track in good weather.  All available equipment operated well, with only an occasional glitch.  A crowd of spectators had gathered at one point along the line, and were entertained by the 4 individual trains.  5 Gallons of fuel were used over the course of the weekend.

Extra 2200 heads east on the main.

Extra 2200 passes mile post 20.0

Memorial Day weather was less than ideal, and a morning train operated with
a short consist, before the line was closed down until next time.

Engineer R. Gantz, operates the 2200 at MP 130.

More track work and trains to run in a few weeks.

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