Operations Support June 25 - 26th, 2005.

Trip number 14 to the DS&N Division brings the start of signaling to the division, and continued improvement in right of way, culminating in completion of goal #1 - Completion of the line!

The C&S department makes its appearance at the end of the line, on the first signal project.  Two holes are being dug to install the signal bases.

Two bolt cages are fabricated out of 1/4" all-thread and hardware cloth.  These will be inserted in a cyndrilical cardboard form, and encapsulated in concrete.

Here we see the form just prior to pouring.  It took a while to get the concrete to sift through the holes in the hardware cloth, but some prodding with a rod solved that problem.  Both signal bases were poured at the same time using duplicate form assemblies.  This will facilitate signaling in both directions.  An additional signal will be required for this interlocking, and it will be mounted on the pedestrian overpass for eastbound trains.

Here is the first signal, being test fit onto the signal base.  These signals are original equipment from the Flat River and Southern railroad and saw two years of service in Florida.  They were sold at auction, and through many miles and hands, found their way back to the original owner.

Elsewhere on the property, track crews are at work installing the new switch which will connect the west end of the West Pike subdivision with the mainline.

Track workers prepare to cut in the new switch.

Leveling, ballasting and tamping take place on all approaches.

The Agne brothers take a rest during the installation.

The Vice President - Operations, has come to congratulate the men.

2200 will lead the first train over the new switch.

Engineer R. Gantz awaits the grand ceremony.   

ALL IS GOOD proclaims track supervisior G. Agne, as 2200 arrives at the point of the golden spike.  In the background, crews work to prepare the last section of rail to be laid.



With some fan fare, the final rail is laid, and two trains meet nose to nose on the West Pike subdivision for the first time.  Present for this grand event from left to right is  Graham Agne (Engineer), Josh Gantz (Track Dept), Rick Gantz (Track Dept), Edwin Pruitt (Superintendent), Jeannie Pruitt (B&B Dept), Suzi Agne (Track Dept), Beverly Cryer (invited guest), Matthias Agne (Engineer).  Photo by Mel Agne (VP Operations).

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