Operations Support September 7th-8th, 2002

This was the third visit to the DS&N by Moose Valley crews, and saw significant progress on the right of way and rolling stock.  Over 600 feet of track was ballasted with sub-grade stone, aligned and leveled.  The curve at MP 140 was re-profiled and a retaining wall started.

The crew looks over the improved curve with the Superintendent

Track Foreman K. Mazer laid out the 3% Super elevated curve using the new tool devised by the Moose Valley Equipment Company.

EngineerSuzi.JPG (43610 bytes)
The test train stretches it's wheels on the new 240' of track.

As you can see, the DS&N is running with 3 locomotives at this time, thanks to the efforts of the mechanical department.  GP-50 #241 was returned to service back in August.  On this day, F7-A 2200 and 25 Ton #970 were also out-shopped.  F7-A 2300 is currently awaiting final testing, and will most likely be out-shopped by November.

Peeps on the 970

The 970 performed flawlessly all weekend.  However, the two EMD's both developed heat related ailments which are a known issue related to the mechanical fuel pumps.  An electric fuel pump will be tested on F7-A 2300 when it is returned to service.  If this corrects the issues, then electric fuel pumps will be retrofitted to the remaining EMD fleet.

Turtle on the 2200
Engineer M. "Turtle" Agne takes 2200 East at MP 150.

Photo train.
The first revenue train returns to Dolittle.

241 at yard limit.
Dolittle Yard lead.  Work on this section will progress later.


A full train.

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