Operations Support October 23rd and 24th, 2004

The summer of 2004 was marked by a distinct lack of activity on the part of the track department, but not the B&B crews.  The 12th visit to the DS&N by Moose Valley crews, found the weather less than perfect, but workable.  Cold dreary conditions permeated much of the weekend, but some sun did prevail late on Saturday, allowing the track gang time to lay 40' of additional trackage on the West Pike subdivision.  The real pearl of the weekend however, was getting to see and ride through the new tunnel/car shop complex.

Work crews spent the majority of their time at the end of track, near milepost 50 on the West Pike sub.  Six additional track panels were transported and 4 made complete, before it was discovered that there were no more rail joiners.  This put a damper on completing the remaining 20 feet, and that track will have to endure the winter without being part of the line.
Number 2200 was assigned to the work train.  While the autumn splendor was past its peak, it's plain to see that plenty of color was still around to the west of this location.
A lone trackman works at the end of the line.  Approximately 5 more sections will be needed to join the mainline.

B&B department foreman J. Miller, best known for the pedestrian overpasses currently on the property, has crafted a new structure which rivals the engine house for size, usefulness and interest.  The new mainline tunnel, is a full 100' long, and incorporates a small car shop along with doors and lighting which makes this building very useful.

The new tunnel and car shop, south side.

South side view with shop entrance

The east portal.

The west portal.

The North wall.  Note the lack of brick, due to this being the non-viewing side.

The car shop

The car shop and exterior door.

Rails embedded in the floor will hold 4 cars.

Trackside view of shop.

241 blasts through the bore.

Extra 2200 west in this view from the shop area.

In addition to the tunnel, another pleasant change was the new Pine Grove picnic area.
All the low branches and high grass was removed from the entire property, rendering
a neat, well groomed appearance.  Many thanks to Mr. Bill the grounds keeper.

Extra 2200 is visible in the distance, thanks to elimination of the field of high grass.
Of interesting note, at this Halloween time of year, is the rediscovery of an burial plot
in the stand of pine trees just south of MP 30.

The fall harvest season has seen an increase in the shipment of farm equipment on the DS&N.

Engineers view of train about to enter tunnel.  Note the lights, turned on for photography.
(Click this picture to take a ride through the tunnel.  Note - requires Quicktime)

Next year should be a good year, with the full realization of the completed track plan.

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