The DS&N is well equipped for a 7 plus inch and a half 1/8 scale railroad.  Four structures currently dominate the landscape.

2200 at the Crew Quarters

The garage and crew quarters complex serve as a base of operations for Moose Valley crews.

Superintendent's home and office

The Superintendent's house and dispatching center.


DS&N Enginehouse

The DS&N Engine house.

Shop tracks

Three 19' long elevated service tracks make maintenance work easy.

Railroad Shop Building

The engine house was styled after traditional railroad structures.

Backyard Rails unit being serviced

Maintenance operations on locomotives can be comfortably performed year round.

Placing the hood back on the GP-50

A Backyard Rails GP-50 undergoing service work.

The fourth structure is the 100' long tunnel with carshop, completed in 2004.

This image details the layout of the physical plant, and facilities.



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