Links to 1/8th scale equipment manufactures.
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Backyard Rails The site for owners of Backyard Rails equipment
Discover Live Steam Good Live steam AND Diesel railroading.
Train Mountain Guiness book record holder for largest layout.
L.S. Manufacturing Good supplier of Trucks and other 1/8th scale items.
7+ Railroader Magazine dedicated to live steam railroads less than 1:1 scale
Live Steam Suppliers Supplier of various parts for 1/8 scale.
Eastern Machine Works Pennsylvania supplier of trucks, wheels, and accessories
Supplier of 1/8 scale locomotives, railroad cars and accessories.
RMI Railworks
Supplier of 1/8 scale locomotives, railroad cars, electronics, and sound systems.
Great American Train Company Very professional looking outfit.
MDM Locomotive Works GP-60's and F-7's in 1/8 scale.
Rail Systems Company
Supplier of 1/8 scale locomotives, railroad cars, flat bar track and accessories.
The Locomotive Works & Little Engines
Supplier of all scales of locomotives and accessories.
Real Trains
Supplier of 1/8 and larger scale locomotives and parts, railroad cars, trucks, rail and hardware, wheels and model fasteners.
Railroad Supply Corporation
Supplier of 1/8 scale locomotives, railroad cars, and accessories.
Mountain Car Company
Supplier of 1/8 scale railroad cars, trucks and parts, wheel sets, and accessories.
Carr's Locomotives 1.6" Scale Canadian Locomotive builder
Chesapeake and Allegheny live steamers Impressive Baltimore area club.
The Big Boy Impressive 1.6" steam locomotive
Illinois Live Steamers Big club with nice project pages
Sacramento Valley Live Steamers Another fine club website
E&S Lines Locomotives and rolling stock in 1/8 scale
Riding Rail kits Mostly 1", but some 1.5" parts and rail.
Lee's Trains Limited selection of nifty 1/8 scale stuff
Eaglewings Iron Craft 1.5" rolling stock
JLS Railroad Live Steam project page 1.5" rolling stock projects
N&W Railway in 1/8 scale Railroad signaling projects
Pat's Live Steam Page Good Links and a Gondola project
Shasta Pacific Another Backyard Rails line
New Unionville and Western Top shelf private road

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The WAG Historical Society Cyber society dedicated to preserving the memory of the Wellsville Addison and Galeton railroad.

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