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Penn Central's Valley Division

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My main yard has a roundhouse, a Diamond Scale Construction turntable, chippic10.bmp (102998 bytes)and a coal dock leftover from the 1950's (too costly to remove).  When engines come in from a run, they always go to the fuel rack for service, then to the ready track.  The hostler job, besides moving the engines, replaces sand cars and the fuel-oil car for the enginehouse.  The yard holds a wreck train and a Maintenance of Way (MOW) track that usually holds a Jordan Spreader, a Russell Wing Snow Plow, a ballast train, and maybe a tie car.  Also, the car shop uses part of this track; cars are shopped for missing steps and brake wheels.  The yard runs two locals east, a through train, light engine moves and high & wides (cars with over-sized loads) when on the division.   Some cars in the yard are assigned to specific customers and some are leased to customers.   There is usually one yard job.  20 to 25 engines can easily be found around the enginehouse.chippic15.bmp (102998 bytes)
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