Chip Syme's
Penn Central's Valley Division

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To further the realism of my layout, I paint most engines and cars from slides of actual equipment; however, I only add an average amount of detail.  Although this is not the biggest railroad, I can boast zero derailments.   chippic3.jpg (105494 bytes)When a problem used to occur, I would find out whether the track or the wheel was at fault and fix it right then.  If a car derailed I would find out why.  My railroad is manageable.  If it takes more than one person to build it, it'll take more than one to maintain it.  I knew long ago that I was not going to  be a slave to my railroad.  Having a good hobby shop to help with your needs is very important.  I want to say a special Thank You to Nick's Railway Supply for excellent service and inventory..

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This is how I run my trains.  My "Cab" consists of an EMD Control stand, Air Brake stand, Heater, and Seat.  The speed of the train is controled by the throttle handle, just like the real thing.  I also have an SDX-1 Diesel sound synthesizer which provides syncronized audio though speakers with sufficient wattage to demonstrate the need for earplugs.

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