Cowan Pennsylvania

Cowan Tunnel & Bridge 192

Cowan Tunnel is located at Milepost 27 on the Mainline Subdivision. Here we see Moose Valley train MV-2, a Northbound manifest freight blasting from the North end of the bore, as it assults the 2% grade. The bridge, just North of Cowan tunnel, is 19.2 miles North of Berkley Springs. Lead unit #127 a GP-35, represents the next to last evolution in the MV's paint scheme. It features the Chessie System inspired long hood graphic, and the outlined Moose on the nose. On later units, the Moose took on a darker more complete appearance. This scheme differs from the trailing GP-40-2, which was done in the earlier Railroad Roman lettering.

hotspgssp.bmp (157314 bytes) Train MV23-UE exits the south portal of Hot Springs tunnel.  Just ahead is bridge 192 and Cowan tunnel.  This is the most remote location on the Moose Valley.

History Happenings...

Hot Springs tunnel is named for the mysterious Fog which sometimes eminates from it's bores.  Geologists trace the cause to an underground thermal stream, which occasionally vents through the porous tunnel walls.

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