Millersburg Pennsylvania

Millersburg is the northern terminus of the Moose Valley Railroad.  Trains originate and terminate at Penn Central's Millersburg yard, and in some cases continue on as run-through equipment to Points such as Buffalo, or Binghamton via the Delaware and Hudson Railway.   The actual town of Millersburg and the yard there is located west of this location which is called Pennatmiller.  The Moose Valley will continue past this point and tie on to the Penn Central.  Since MV crews will soon be looking at Pennsy style signals west of here, the Moose Valley has erected this pair at Hillside Junction tower to give crews time to get used to the all amber position light signals used in Millersburg.  Here we see Alco C-425 number 129 on the point of southbound train TV-21 enroute to the B&O at Greenspring yard.  Unusual, in that this train is sporting onlymillersburg.bmp (144718 bytes) a single unit today, probably due to a power balancing problem.  Since the Moose Valley grade profile is predominantly uphill all the way to Millersburg, it seems likely that most of the power is in Berkeley Springs or Greenspring and is being used for northbound moves.  TV-21 is a Trailvan or "Trailer Jet" train destined for the B&O, containing mostly LCL freight. 


History Happenings...

In 1967 the Moose Valley co-designed and tested the "Center-Sill" Car with Pullman-Standard.  This car went on to become what would commonly be known as "the Impak car", an articulated 2 to 5 unit drawbar coupled car set which revolutionized the Intermodal Rail industry.

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