Operating Session Highlites


This period we take a look at some of our hard working employee's from the last operating session in April.  This session marked the Moose Valley's first operating season.  Many thanks to all of those who participated.

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billg.bmp (197638 bytes)

Millway Western President Bill Gingrich takes the throttle on hot Moose Valley train TV-10.
Bill's climb through the ranks of train operations earned him the prestigious position he enjoys
as engineer on today's northbound.  Bill is admiring that fine 1963 GE product on the head end,
but he would much rather be in the cab of his friends train....

jonb.bmp (193858 bytes)

Jon Beers is taking a trio of Alco C-425's out of Berkeley Springs for duty on MV20-U.
He's entering Stoner Mountain on his way to Berkeley Junction.

jeffa.bmp (170658 bytes)

Jeff Adams and Rick Gantz monitor the ascension of another heavy coal train up
fabled Gantz Grade, on the Moose Valley mainline.  The train, just off the B&O
must struggle against the 8% grade.

Speaking of ascensions, it's that time of year to remember the resurrection of Christ,
and some other things we'd like to have back as well.

eggtrain.bmp (122734 bytes)

This special "Easter Bunny" train carries the fallen flags of the Penn Central,
Western Maryland, B&O and Chessie System.  Of course there had to be a
Moose Valley egg (that's the Easter Bunny)