Operating Session Highlites


Notes and observations from the August 18th 1998 Operating Session.


A special operating session was held on this day in honor of Conrail Engineer Chip Syme, and in conjuction with the running of the last public Operation Lifesaver Conrail Office Car Special train OCS-101 by Conrail on August 16th.   Unfortunately, no pictures are available at this time, but we hope some may become available from railfan donations.

The highlight of the evening, occured when OCS-101, already well behind schedule, was being held at Sleepy Creek on the B&O due to a wreck involving Moose Valley train MV-20U which had been rear-ended by BOBU.  The OCS was struck by MV-20U when it earantly crossed over due to a dispatching error and ran into the last two cars of the OCS as it was moving to clear up for the wreck train.  One of the two OCS cars slid down the embankment into the Potomac river.