Operating Session Highlites
from March 20th 1999

This was the first operation session with the new expanded mainline subdivision.  Many thanks to all those hard working employee's that participated.

0399-1.jpg (23724 bytes)
Radio equiped is the buzz word for this OS.  Here we
see Mel, Glenn, Matt, and Grant (on loan from CSX),
busy with the task of moving the nations commerce.

0399-2.jpg (19304 bytes)
Engineer Rick Gantz operates wireless near the famed
New Oxford Tunnel (5-level helix, in the background).

0399-3.jpg (19977 bytes)
Engineer Jeff Adams keeps an eye on his train which
is approaching Mazerville, for a meet with an opposing
train operated by his son Matt.  Both are near Valley Loop.

0399-5.jpg (31591 bytes)
Northbound MVG-2 running with Chessie power, exits
Cowan tunnel on it's way to Millersburg.

0399-6.jpg (21859 bytes)
Engineer Grant Becker flirts with the help, at the
Moose Valley YMCA cafeteria.  That smile has been
perminently applied by his recent employment with CSX.

0399-7.jpg (24048 bytes)
Here in the YMCA cafeteria, we see the crew from an
inbound train relaxing.  Mike Keiser is on the right.