Operating Session Highlites
from May 16th 1999

This operation session closes out the 1999 winter season.  Our employees have worked hard this year, and are now enjoying there summer furloughs.   Lets take a look at there last day on the job.

Berkeley Springs CTC panel
Dispatcher M. Agne works the Berkeley Springs
CTC panel, as Engineman M. Keiser looks on.

WMCO #2 with new parking lot
Employees of the Weeter Mining Company, Mine-2,
are arriving for the next shift.  A string of outbounds
is waiting for road power to arrive.

Good employee's are hard to find.
Here's one of those employee's now, Mr. Matt
Adams.  He's tending to the necessary task of
maintaining the wheel report for that outbound.
(By the way, he's a famous musician off hours.)

Proper attention to details demonstrate good railroading skills.
Railroading is multi-generational.  Here, Matt's
father Jeff finishes up paper work from his last run.

Enginemen R. Gantz, and Glenn confere
regarding a meet at Mazerville