Moose Valley

Operating Session November 24th, 2001

The era of the Moose Valley we model dawned in the midst of the Vietnam war.  Up until this year the thought of war has been far from our minds.  The terrorist attacks of September 11th have changed this dramatically.  I've dedicated this page and our operating session to the men and women of the United States armed forces who have protected the Moose Valley, our family of railroaders, all the citizens of our great land, and all that our country and model railroading stand for. Freedom,  Life and Liberty. Pursuit of the American Way.

The Moose Valley salutes the US Military

This was the fourth operating session of the year 2001, and the first for the 2001-2002 winter season.

The second annual Thanksgiving weekend on the Moose Valley brought the first anniversary of H-B yard, and the debut of the new facility at Carlisle, PA.  A good turnout of operators and some guests provided a memorable evening of camaraderie. As a coincidence, one year ago we retrieved an errant caboose from a tunnel with two cranes.  This year, another major wreck train had work to do.

The Problem....

Southbound MVPT-1 went into emergency going through the interlocking at Mazerville, coming off of Long siding on November 22nd.  The incident "popped out" GATX 40611 and dumped it on the ground blocking the main.  WOR-122 was dispatched from Drumore siding to clear the wreck.  Due to the terrain and grade, along with the condition of the tank car, WOR-122 with MV #20 doing the work, was unable to re-rail or retrieve the car.  A second crane was needed.  Moose Valley big hook foreman G. Agne, made the call to the Western Maryland for help.  The WM dispatched their 250 ton crane, and WOR-124 left H-B yard for Mazerville once more.

The little tank car that did it.
Here we see the errant car in the position it was left in by WOR-122.

The Solution....

The big hooks get down to business.

Both cranes work to lift.
Slings are used to lift the car onto the flat.

Car is too high on the flatcar.
But there is a problem.... the car will be too high.

View from Mazerville.
The car will need to be loaded on it's side.  Good thing its empty!

Car is loaded.
Just about done!

The Result....
GATX 40611 is taken to HB, where repairs and re-railing can occur without obstructing the flow of traffic.  Here MV-20U is Northbound for Millersburg with Engineer M.S. Kohl and Conductor T. Bupp in charge.

HB with the wreck train.
Work continues at HB to right the car on the track.

Speaking of HB, compare this photo of the yard, taken last year, with Tom Bupp in charge of the empty MV-22UE, with this years photo.

HB when first constructed. HB now!

Elsewhere, we see Engineer V. Kiel checking the speed of his train RGMV-32 through Valley Loop,

Engineer Kiel and train.

while employees N. Murry and R. Gantz move paperwork at Weeter Mine and Greenspring yards.

Paper pushers.

MVC-3 makes time at Spruce Hill with engineer M. Keiser in charge.  Brand new MV#136 is moving the tonnage alone with ease.

MV136 at Spruce Hill.

Here we see the power from MV-22U running light with Caboose around Valley Loop.  These GP-38's are popular units on run-through trains.

PC units at Valley Loop.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas from the management of the

Moose Valley