project98-19.jpg (17471 bytes)

B&B Personnel from the West Virginia district also participated,
which attests to the presence of Carpenter K. Mazer, seen
here in action.

project98-19.jpg (16307 bytes)

Carpenter D. Klaassen assists with the roof panels,
while B&B Foreman K. Close works the air-nailer.

project98-20.jpg (17124 bytes)

Inspector D. McMahon checks the quality of the
dispatching room's observation deck.

project98-21.jpg (12574 bytes)

Ever safety conscious, employee M. Agne holds
down the safety line for the men on the roof.

project98-22.jpg (15581 bytes)

Thwack!  Another pneumatic blow sets a nail for
this roof panel.

project98-23.jpg (17478 bytes)

The roof is nearly complete.

project98-24.jpg (19834 bytes)

Meanwhile.... on the evening of Thanksgiving day,
a major breakthrough in the basement.  The existing
home of the Moose Valley meets it's new territory with
the destruction of the connecting wall.

project98-26.jpg (105589 bytes)

The town of Spruce Hill was removed in one piece
from it's original location under the steps  and set aside.

project98-25.jpg (93412 bytes)

B&B Foreman K. Mazer guides the tunnel boring
apparatus through 24 inches of solid rock.

project98-27.jpg (85457 bytes)

The new "Ady" tunnel is completed.  Plastic lined,
and over 250 scale feet long, the 31' diameter bore
cost over $80 to build.  Here we see the running track
which replaced the town of Spruce Hill.

project98-28.jpg (96141 bytes)

Spruce Hill is then relocated to the new south end
of Ady tunnel.


On December 29th, a historic move occurred.  The famed
5 level Helix from the Horseshoe Curve layout at
Paul's Model Railroad Shop in New Oxford Pennsylvania
(which had gone out of business Thanksgiving eve of 1997)
was transported in one piece from its birthplace to the
Moose Valley Railroad.

project98-29.jpg (94190 bytes)

The full size John Deere 318 and 10 foot wide
garage door lend scale to this incredible masterpiece.
The Moose Valley is grateful to the staff of Paul's, and
employee's of Scott Lefever for this magnificent
donation.  There is over 240' (1:1) of code 100 track
on the 4 mainline spirals.

project98-30.jpg (96773 bytes)

The helix has now been moved into the railroad addition,
under the newly installed drop ceiling.

project98-31.jpg (110728 bytes)

A special test train is assembled in Greenspring for the
run to Spruce Hill.  The purpose of the train is to test
tunnel clearances and grades.

project98-32.jpg (91556 bytes)

The test goes fine....

project98-33.jpg (94441 bytes)

Moose Valley train XSpl-101 comes to the end of the line.
(For now).

Meanwhile, the outside of the lid is finished, and drywall is going up. 

project98-34 (18404 bytes)  This is the Drywall team.

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