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The Moose Valley Throttle Knob Conservation Program

Many railroad employees are not aware that improper use of the throttle control can lead to premature failure of the control stand, and difficulty in getting locomotive units to load.  Therefore, the management of the Moose Valley, requests that you review these suggestions in an effort to increase the road time of DT-100, DT-200, and BT-2 throttle controls.

Proper operation of the left throttle knobRemember, running a train is a two handed operation.  Hold the control stand firmly in one hand, while rotating the left or right throttle knobs with your thumb and index finger of your other hand.

Do not apply side pressure to throttle knobs!Do NOT apply side pressure to the control in an effort to turn it with your thumb.  This creates side loading on the device which is the number one contributing factor leading to premature wear and the need for part replacement.

This engineer is ON THE JOB!Remember, a two handed engineer is alert and dedicated to the task at hand.

This message brought to you by the Risk Management department of the Moose Valley Railroad.The Moose Valley