Herman-Beers Project, Syme, Pennsylvania.

December 22nd, 2001

The Following photos depict the activities at Hermann-Beers yard.  Hermann-Beers, or "HB" as it is commonly referred to, has been established since November 2000, but is still considered to be under construction, mostly because of the lack of scenery at the southern end.

Tom Bupp at HB in November of 2000
This was HB when it was first introduced.

Here is a close up of the north end of the yard one year later.

Caught the wires
Some scenic elements worked fine for a while.  Here, a southbound MV-1 loaded with Christmas goods, has caught the wires for the signal system at HB.  The pole next to the operators shed was elevated an additional foot to solve this problem.  No derailments occured, and no one was injured, however the signal system was out of service for a short time.

February 1st, 2003

Activities at the south end of HB yard increased this month, as additional scenery work was done.  For the most part, HB south of the curve past Furnace tunnel was incomplete scenery wise.  This was partially due to a quandary about the abandoned mine.  A decision was made to scrap the mine, and model only the abandoned shaft.  Here is what it looks like presently.

HB South EndHB South End