Millersburg Yard Project, Millersburg Pennsylvania.

December 29, 2001

The Following photos depict the state of construction of the New Moose Valley "Millersburg Yard".

Project Inception

This new yard requires complete renovation of potential real-estate.
Two refrigerators must be moved, and a shelf taken down.

Here we see the shelf and junk that must be taken down, along with a light fixture.

Here we see B&B foreman Mazer, removing the light fixture.

Now the room is prepared, and construction of the 9' high wall can commence.  Special thanks to Mazerk Industrial for renovative assistance.


Waala!  One wall.  The door will be installed shortly.


The door is in, and walls are covered with blue foam.

Here you can see where the yard is going to go.

At 1:49pm on January 12th, and engineering passage was "holed through" at the location of Millersburg tunnel.

The North Portal will be located here.  The Engineering department is currently performing geological studies, which will determine the best method to dig the tunnel.

Ultimately, a cold chisel proved the best tool for the job.  although tedious, it was the best option since no work could be done from the other side.

By 9:40pm on January 15th, the new tunnel was complete.  Lining installation will be next.

Debris from the tunnel was vacuumed away.  At this time construction was halted so that the a train could pass.  This would be the LAST TRAIN past Pennatmiller, and Hillside Junction tower.


Update 2/3/02

Soon the tunnel was bored, and the main completed.  Here we see the first train passing through the tunnel.  This is a southbound test train with two big GE's on the point.

Here is the view as it comes through the north portal of "Rock" tunnel.

The duck under is gone!  Long live the walk under!  The GE's roll through Turn interlocking.

Around the bend, and approaching the future location of Ferry Jct., and Northbranch Interlocking.

Meanwhile.... The first Moose Valley northbound test train is making it's way through HB.  Three units and 22 cars are the size of this engineering evaluation train.

The test train passes through Mary's cut, in this new view of the Farm store on the McKendree branch.

Here the test train exits Summit tunnel.  The Northbranch area is just ahead.

The northbound progresses past what will be Ferry Jct.

Into the big hole....

And out the other side!  The test train makes a successful round trip.

In order to facilitate the Northbranch and Turn interlockings, it will be necessary to remove that part of the signal system which supported Hillside Junction.  What a mess!  Every model railroaders worse nightmare is to reverse engineer ones own work!

Destroyed switch machines, and bundles of wires which go who knows where....  But hard work and perseverance pay off.

The Northbranch switch, siding, and Ferry Jct., and PC main are now in place and operational.  Crude signaling has been established, and will now be in place for the February operating session.