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Project 302

In October of 1950, the American Locomotive Company, commonly referred to as "Alco", began production of a series of 1600 horsepower Cab type locomotives with 12 cylinder series 244 diesel engines known as model FA-2.   291 units were built by June of 1956 when production ceased in favor of the newer models, including the FPA-4. 302's left front view

Four of Alco's FA-2's were purchased by the Western Maryland Railway in January of 1951.  These units served long useful careers before being sold to General Electric in 1972.  GE in turn, sold the units to the Long Island railroad where several were modified for commuter service.  One unit, Long Island 610, escaped severe modification and was purchased from that railroad by a local chapter of the National Railway Historical Society, who in turn has sold the unit to the Western Maryland Railway Historical Society, Inc.  That unit, is former Western Maryland Railway class DF-19 Alco FA-2 number 302.

302's right front view302 IS HOME!

After an extensive 14+ year effort on the part of many individuals to get 302 back to WM rails, this 180 ton unit arrived on the West Virginia Central in July of 2008.  The job of restoring the 302 to her former glory is now at hand.  Your financial contribution will ensure that the 302 is restored, and preserved for future generations.   There are not many examples of Alco's FA-2 in existence on the east coast.   Many similar FPA-4s have been saved, but our 302 is rare.  Also, there are only a few examples of WM power in existence anywhere.

Watch 302's simulated restoration!

302 with a fast freight

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