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My railroad is modeled after the Penn Central's Valley Division, early 1970's to today's ConRail.  My layout is 20' X 13', double track mainline and a branch line.  Interlockings are controlled by individual towers.   I have two main yards and a three-track interchange with the B&O.  chippic4.jpg (40487 bytes)The interchange is on the branch line along with a "Y" track at each end.   Other industries on the branch include a chemical plant (not a refinery) and a small stub track for an occasional car of lumber.  There is also one passing siding to store a unit coal train in case the B&O can't handle it or in case of loading problems at the mine off this division.  The Chase Secondary track has a speed limit of 30 mph and uses the manual block signal system to enter and leave the railroad.   No six-axle engines are permitted.  The passing siding has a speed restriction of 10 MPH, due to years of neglect, bad ties and small rail (code 70).  The line only sees a local daily with the B&O puller as a "called-when-needed" train.

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