Track Diagram of Greenspring Yard

The B&O's Greenspring Yard facility is located on the South bank of the Potomac River, and is the main point of interchange between the Moose Valley and the B&O. The yard track diagram above shows a unique split stub yard design. This is necessitated by the small space available in the area. Trains enter on the lower right corner of the diagram, and proceed up the West lead to the West end of the yard. From there, the road power stuffs a few cuts of cars onto the available tracks in the receiving yard. After which time, a Chessie System yard engine will take the remaining cars from the road power and store them as well. The road engines will then run light to Berkeley Springs, or they may go to the engine tracks for quick servicing and will be used again for the next outbound. Overview of Greenspring YardThe yard engine will sort through the recieving yard contents, and rearrange the cuts on the outbound departure yard tracks. Departing trains are built from the caboose forward, so the yard switcher will take a caboose to the East yard lead and begin collecting previously blocked cuts from the departure tracks. After the train is made, power is assigned from the local engine tracks, or a light engine move from Berkeley Springs is ordered. Several scheduled trains arrive and depart each day.

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