Moose Valley

Operating Session January 20th, 2007.

The first OS of 2007 went off with great success.  11 trains hauled 107 car loads in 8 hours.  Click Here for the statistics.  Of special note at this OS, is the announcement by Mike Kohl, of his acceptance to the employ of the Reading and Northern Railroad, his first day to commence only a few hours from his departure from the Moose Valley, at 7:00am on January 21st.  We would like to thank Mike and his wife Cindy for the years of dedicated service to the Moose Valley, and Moose Valley YMCA and we would hope that luck may allow them to visit us from time to time, as we know the 1:1 scale is a bit demanding on weekends.  Good Luck Mike!  We dedicate this OS to you.

We also welcome Barry Fulmer to the Moose Valley family, and wish him much luck and enjoyment with us in the months and years to come.


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