Moose Valley

Operating Session February 9th, 2002

Drug Test Cup - Don't Use

This was the second operating session of the 2001-2002 winter season, and the first in 2002.

A fantastic crew combined with additional enhancements and expansion of the railroad brought about interesting and unpredictable events.  Of particular note, the Moose Valley has now expanded large enough to attract the attention of the Federal Railroad Administration, under who's watchful eye we nervously went about our duties!  Judging by the cup above, they had plenty of reason to be there.  Aside from this, tonnage statistics from this OS were impressive, breaking all records!  Check the stats here.  Compounding operations was the presence of Conrail OCS-401, and a high and wide shipment from Millersburg to Enid for the CoPo plant.  A full 12 hours were put in by several men, and the YMCA was serving breakfast to those who's shift ended at 2:00am Sunday morning.

Form CT-2 for the High and WideThe new timetable

Easing the employee's burden, was the release of Timetable number 4, which had eliminated all but two of the bulletins previously in effect.


Greenspring Yard
Since Millersburg yard had been temporarily constructed, Yardmaster R. Gantz had been
re-assigned there from Greenspring, leaving Trainmaster M. Manwiller to begin the task of putting trains on the road.

Men work the Weeter Mine

Here we see J. Adams, and J. Syme with our Federal man reviewing procedures for getting MV-20U on the road.  Engineer Syme is a hard core veteran, who gives no quarter to dispatchers or FRA men alike.

Engineer B. Gingrich

Elsewhere on the system, Engineer B. Gingrich is in command of his train on Valley Loop.  The new bridge on the McKendree branch is in service to his left. 

Composite picture of the whole crew

At the Moose Valley YMCA, crews have packed in to the dinner for a relaxing meal.  

Hardy Railroaders

Enginemen J. Adams, G. Becker, and K. McBee are exchanging road stories with each other as they anticipate their next assignment.  McBee hails from Berkeley Springs, and grew up around the Moose Valley roundhouse.

Hermann-Beers Yard

MV-21UE is heading south through Hermann-Beers yard with empties for Weeter Mine #2  Enginemen McBee and Hauber are on board.


The "Mazerville Mafia" is working the big hook at Enid, as operator D. Berry is tormented by his crew.

Hazmat response

Engineer G. Becker is caught off guard when he received word that his train was leaking a dangerous chemical.  Upon stopping at H-B, the crew discovered that an RF&P car had a shifted and damaged load.

Sodium Chloride leak!

The New Windsor - Mazerville Fire Department was dispatched to the scene of the Hazmat incident.

Damaged drums tell the tale of Engineer Becker's train handling!

The dangerous material car was cut out of the train, and set in the yard for immediate containment and treatment.

This way son.....The railroad is no place to play!

Meanwhile, little Quinn is escorted from the dangers of the mine and railroad by our FRA man R. Lutton.  Thank goodness the NTSB hasn't cracked down on us yet!

Thanks to all our operators and friends who joined us!

Moose Valley