Moose Valley

Operating Session March 30th, 2002

In Memory of Al Wachter

This operating session is dedicated to the memory of Albert Wachter, who passed on exactly 1 week prior, on Saturday March 23rd. Al was the first Moose Valley engineer to pass away, and was an influence in many ways.  Wachter tunnel between milepost 33.6 and33.8 was named in his honor many years ago.  He will always be remembered as a lover of Steam and the Western Maryland.

An experienced crew brought the Moose Valley through a productive evening, which saw the first use of the new rotary dumper, and TOFC terminal on the McKendree branch at Enid, as well as improvements at Millersburg.  Due partially to last minute crew reductions, tonnage over the road was less than the banner performance of last month, but was still quite respectableCheck the stats here.  The evening also saw a diesel assisted photo freight, and a visit from the Sperry rail car.  A full 10 hours were put in by several men, but due to the Easter holiday, there were no overnight guests at the YMCA, which served a full meal to the crew during the supper hour.

Weeter Mine #2 started humming early in the evening as M. Keiser works the Alco switcher at the loader.  21 Loads of coal were eventually shipped to the CoPo plant during the evening.

Things stayed pretty quite at the engine facility at Berkeley Springs, as a lot of foreign power was already distributed on the system.

V. Kiehl and engineman G. Agne share space around the Moose Tracks line on the lower level.

H-B is in somewhat of a quandary as Chessie System power leads a Northbound RG-MV38 to Millersburg with 3600 tons in tow.

Meanwhile, Yardmaster R. Gantz is serving up more tonnage for the Northbound trek at Greenspring yard.

Due to excessive traffic at HB, engineman M. Kohl has entered the McKendree branch to get in the clear, but due to the 4000 ton coal drag, a helper is required to get back out.

2416 has tied on at the Marysville location of Mazerville Farm and Feed, and is beginning to extract the MV-30U from the McKendree branch.

The move is a success, and extra desert is ordered for the helper and head end crews.

Over at H-B, yard crew K. Mazer and B. Gingrich are wrestling with the mess left behind on the previous day.  H-B is quite a switching challenge, but these fine men are up to the task!

Looks like R. "Rickman" Gantz is serving triple duty tonight, as Greenspring and Millersburg Yardmasters, as well as Engineer on MV-TX2.

Qualifying Engineer M. Arbenz, is in charge of RG-MV37, here at Northbranch.

The Norfolk and Western Historical Society has chartered this photo freight with 4050 tons of coal for Consolidated Power.  Much to their dismay, the management of the Moose Valley has insisted on Diesel protection as a precaution.

The MV-20US is making good time around Valley Loop.

An unlikely sight, but the N&WHS gets their wish at Enid.

Thanks to all our operators and friends who joined us!

Moose Valley

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, and may the Lord Jesus Christ, bless you and keep you.