Moose Valley

Operating Session March 24th 2007

Between Presidents day and the morning of the OS, over 90 hours of work went into the Moose Valley, making this one of the greatest construction blitzes to date.  This was also the first time that the "original layout room" had witnessed any major changes since operations began over 10 years ago.  Approximately 37 square feet, and 100 feet of track were added to the layout, mostly in the Greenspring to Romney section, but also in the New Windsor and Mazerville areas.  Most notable, is  the construction of 4 major buildings, and 7 ancillary buildings to the new construction, as well as the addition of numerous remote switches and code 83 track.  Check the news section for more details on the new additions.  Special thanks to Barry Fulmer, and Rick Gantz for working on the layout and helping make these great improvements possible. 

Our crews arrived on the 24th in good time, and a good run was had by all.  Jim Hauber and Dave Berry, who last visited us in 2002, returned, as did CSX Yardmaster Grant Becker, who managed to escape the 1:1 world for some real railroading in 1/87th scale. After all, your not a real railroader until you've had to push your own train!   New for this OS was our fellow WMRHS member Paul Backenstose of Downingtown PA, who rounded out the crew of 10.  A total of 14 trains plied the rails and decent traffic results ensued.  Check the run sheet for more details. 

Thanks to our company photographers, Vern Kiehl, Ken Mazer, and visiting guest Glenn Grubb.

Great crews, make a railroad great, and the Moose Valley has the best!

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