Moose Valley

Operating Session July 21st 2001

Technically, this really wasn't an operating session.

This was the day of the Moose Valley company picnic, and Rail Fair at Hermann-Beers Yard.  Rail fans from all over the tri-state area, converged on the Moose Valley at milepost 30.0, and enjoyed rolling stock displays, and various activities at the Mazerville-New Windsor fire hall.

Employee's were treated to Hot Dogs and Hamburgers, cooked by the Moose Valley's very own president, and Division Super, Mel Agne

Trains did run on the Moose Valley, and the line hosted an unusual passage of off-line equipment.  Unfortunately, some of the equipment had problems in interchange, and 2 cars of coal were lost on the McKendree branch.  Excursion trains, pulled by guest road motive power, ran on hourly schedules from HB to the summit at Adams, and return, thrilling the riders with push pull operation over the Moose Valley's second steepest grade.  Thanks to all our hard working employee's for making this event appropriate for the shortcut to Appalachia!

Unfortunately, the pictures from the event have not come back from the developer yet, however, some poor quality digital stills were obtained to give some idea of what the rail fair looked like.  Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone for a great OS!  Click here for the statistics.

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