Moose Valley

Operating Session March 24th 2007

Additional enhancements were observed by crews reporting for duty on this, the opening day of the 2007-2008 model railroading season on the Moose Valley.  A new peninsula protruded into the available space from the Greenspring engine terminal christened last February, and new buildings were constructed and an operational signal sprung up at North Branch.  Nine trains plied the rails, as gremlins both real and imagined found their way into operations.  From runaway trains, to missed signals and the ignoring of working ones, eveyone showed a bit of rust on the rails between the ears as we got back into the swing of things.  Not withstanding, a good time was had by all, and the last train came to a stop 9-3/4 hours after the session began.  Special thanks to Rick Gantz who gave of his time to help prep for this OS.

New for this OS was John Franz of the York area, who rounded out the crew of 8.  Check the run sheet for performance stats.

Great crews, make a railroad great, and the Moose Valley has the best!

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