Major Line Changes Planned!

Moose Valley to Expand Route Miles
in Territory Served.

August 1978

By Joe Blousnovice, reporter.

    It is not by coincidence that the Moose Valley's status as a through-haul carrier is amongst the highest in the railroading arena.  So it will come as a surprise to no one to learn that a major construction project is now underway, which when completed will approximately double the mainline trackage of the Moose Valley.   The following photographs and captions will track the progress of this project.

Inception date: 6-12-98

project98-1.jpg (12346 bytes)
The existing basement and model railroad "lid".

project98-2.jpg (10782 bytes)
Ground breaking begins with excess tree removal.

project98-3.jpg (16027 bytes)
Demolition of the porch creates the first construction mess.

project98-4.jpg (20274 bytes)
Heavy equipment prepares the way for the mining operation.

project98-5.jpg (11932 bytes)
Opening of shaft number one commences.

project98-6.jpg (10160 bytes)
Inside the mine, the great Moose Valley barrier
near New Windsor is uncovered.  This will be the
point at which the mainline will diverge.

project98-7.jpg (14124 bytes)
After subterranean excavation has been completed,
footers are poured, and 22 tons of block are brought in.

project98-8.jpg (12336 bytes)
Additional "territory" for the Moose Valley begins to
take shape.  Road Foreman of Engines M.T. Agne,
surveys the situation.

project98-11.jpg (12916 bytes)
Lumber is delivered for the B&B department.

project98-9.jpg (17524 bytes)
Moose Valley employee's M. Agne and K. Close from
the Bridges and Buildings (B&B) department begin
construction of the "lid".  In the foreground, the new
entrance to the Moose Valley Shops offers generous
clearances for rolling stock.

project98-10.jpg (13378 bytes)
Employee K. Close sets bridging on the first floor deck.

project98-11.jpg (13545 bytes)
With the first floor deck on, wall construction begins.

project98-12.jpg (14500 bytes)
Walls are now up, and corner bracing is in progress.

project98-14.jpg (17479 bytes)
The second floor deck is now up, and walls are going up.

project98-15.jpg (19105 bytes)
The second floor complete, the existing house roof is
opened up to reveal the original walls and ceiling so that
the "Dispatching Office" floor and walls can go on.  No
Rain please!

project98-16.jpg (13951 bytes)
All floors are now up.  Next, the roof begins.

project98-17.jpg (15609 bytes)
B&B Supervisor K. Close observes the view from
what will be the attic.


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