Track configuration at Weeter Mine #2.

The Weeter Mining Company has two coal loaders located on Moose Valley Routes, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Moose Industries, the holding company for both the Weeter Mine and the Moose Valley Railroad. Weeter Mine No.1 is located near Potomac Jct, on the Moose Valley Mainline Subdivision, and Weeter Mine No.2 is located near Okonoko on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Cumberland Subdivision. Weeter Mine No. 2 is the larger and most modern of the two facilities. Wedged between the B&O mainline, and Backbone Mountain, this facility generates a considerable amount of Bituminous coal used by power concerns in the Mid Atlantic and Northern Tier power grids. Moose Valley trains pick up unit trains usually using B&O or WM (Western Maryland) hoppers which are leased from those roads by the Weeter Mining Company. A Weeter Mining Weeter Mine #2 along the B&O mainlineCompany switch engine is stationed at the plant, and performs all loading operations. Road trains back their empty hoppers into the yard lead after dropping the caboose on the main, and then cut off. The road units will then retrieve the caboose and run light to Berkeley Springs or Greenspring Yard depending on current needs. After the Weeter Mining switcher loads each car, the cars are then retrieved from the storage yard and a loaded train assembled on the yard lead. After the loads are positioned, a MV road crew will pick up the cut and assemble the train with caboose on the B&O main. The train will then operate as a Northbound symbol freight such as MV20-U.

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