About the Moose Valley Model Railroad...

Of course all prototype modelers like to think of their railroads as being real, but naturally, unless you are a tycoon, and can afford to model in 1:1 scale, that is just a dream. Consequently, the Moose Valley Railroad exists only in the basement and mind of Mel Agne, a resident of York County Pennsylvania. The MVRR is a growing HO Scale (1/87th) model empire with about 575' of track (almost 10 scale miles). The trackplan features a three level against the wall dogbone, with the MVRR Mainline Subdivision running around the walls of two and a half rooms, gaining over 30 inches in elevation. Grant Becker and Ken Mazer are just two of the many loyal "employee's" One lap around the mainline of the Moose Valley is approximately 216' in length, or 4.28 scale miles.  Control of trains is accomplished with Digital Command Control, utilizing signaling components made by Mel's "Moose Valley Equipment Company". DCC components are from Digitrax, and most well known brands of rolling stock are represented, as well as structure kits by Revell, Walthers, Atlas, Micro Engineering, Helljan, Design Preservation, and Life Like and many others. Dispatching is handled from a custom made cabinet by Jack Stoner of Stoner's Radiator Service. Jack also designed and built Summit Tunnel, located along the stairway, which is of all steel construction to withstand the rigors of abuse dished out by Mel's two sons Matthias, and Graham. Mel's wife Suzi keeps the laundry area neat and pretty much represents the presence of the Environmental Protection Agency as far as the Moose Valley is concerned. The railroad is over 15 years old and still growing. Sneak into the Crew Room if your a railfan, or just go in if your an employee.

The  Moose Valley underwent major surgery in 1998 and 1999.
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History of the Moose Valley (the model) A personal look at the evolution of a hobby.

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