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Special note:  My apologies to everyone for not keeping the site updated.  Last year was technically challenging, and time was short due to a variety of personal and professional reasons.  I will make an honest attempt to update everything before 2010.  - Mel



Moose Valley builds new engine terminal.
March 24th, 2007 - Greenspring, WV.


In conjunction with the recent purchase of the B&O's Greenspring yard, the Moose Valley has constructed a new engine facility on new land cleared for the Greenspring yard expansion project.  Two new 3 stall engine houses and a 120 foot turntable will provide efficient handling and light repair of power without the need for servicing at Berkeley Springs.  Each building was constructed on-site by the Tenax-R corporation, and features one extra length stall, and two normal length stalls capable of holding two locomotives, for a total facility capacity of 12 engines.  Construction is still in progress on other parts of the facility.  Dubbed the "Jules V. Agne" engine facility, this naming convention follows the tradition of naming Moose Valley engine facilities for important family members of the founder Melvin Leon Agne, of whom Jules was his brother.

Moose Valley new owner of B&O facility.
February 13th, 2007 - Berkeley Springs, WV.

The Moose Valley Railroad has announced that it has purchased from the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, the yard located along the B&O mainline, in Greenspring West Virginia.  Greenspring Yard, which has served as the primary interchange yard for the Moose Valley in the south, will now be under direct Moose Valley ownership, while the B&O continues to interchange with the Moose Valley there.  Division Superintendent Mel Agne, says that "The situation we had here with the B&O was a good one, but the B&O has been concentrating more of their work in Cumberland and Brunswick yards, and this small yard doesn't fit into their plans as well as it does ours.  We will continue to enjoy our relationship with the B&O here, while relieving them of the day to day operation of the yard, and allowing us the freedom to expand and enhance our services here."  Congruent with the Moose Valley take over, the B&O will also lease a portion of its South Branch line from Greenspring to Romney WV.  Additionally, plans for a new engine facility are being made, and this will be built along with extensions of existing drill tracks, as well as additional capacity being added to Greenspring yard.

What's missing in this picture?

Mike Kohl leaves Moose Valley for new life.

January 21st, 2007 will be the first day of employment (and denoting the seriousness of joining the railroad, on a Sunday no less) for Conductor trainee Mike Kohl.  Mike accepted an offer with the Reading and Northern railroad after an exhaustive effort to join their ranks, having had enough of over a decade of service at Snap-On.  We wish Mike all the best in his newly chosen profession.  Mike technically switched careers with his employment on the Moose Valley, having arrived for service at the January 2007 OS, with no employment card at Snap-On.  We hope that the Reading and Northern appreciates our efforts to get Mike "warmed up".  I'm sure his excellent safety record will carry over to the R&N, and we hope that his years of tenure with us are recognized by the R&N when it comes to those occasional time off requests!  At a minimum, we hope Mike can persuade the R&N to seek out the Moose Valley in their interchange routing.  Good luck Mike!

Reading and Northern at Port Clinton


Statistics of interest

Now available for the first time, our traffic department has released the following information, covering the 8 year period beginning in February of 1998, and concluding in November of 2005. 

Total trains - 343  (An average of 13.72 trains per OS)
Total tonnage - 753,662 (That's 47 real pounds of freight!)
Total car loads - 2261 (An average of just over 90 cars per OS)

These are actual figures compiled from the available statistics, and reflect an accurate and fair account of official activity on the railroad over the 25 operating sessions which occurred during the time period, for an average of 3.2 operating sessions per year.

Engineer Matt Adams takes new position

Moose Valley employee Matt Adams has accepted a position with the Genesee and Wyoming family, operating on the P&W in Oregon state.  The cross country move has made him the farthest flung alumnus of the Moose Valley.  Good luck Matt!

Engineer Michael Manwiller to switch valley's

Moose Valley employee Mike Manwiller has accepted a new position in Utah's Heber Valley.  The Heber Valley Railroad will gain the worlds top steam expert, and the Moose Valley will miss a valued and talented friend.  

Mike works the coal train at EnidMike lived in Cumberland Maryland, and always made it out to the MV at least once a year for the last 3 years.  His knowledge and great stories made him very popular with other crews, and he was well known for getting the MV steam excursions over the line in record time, and accident free!

Mike at the throttle of our own H-9.

Farwell Mike!  Keep those steamer's runnin'.
WMSR #734 arrives Frostburg, Maryland, with Mike 
at the throttle for the last time, Sunday January 18th, 2004.

Good Luck Mike!
From all of us on the Moose Valley.

Moose Valley Employee Wins Contest

Moose Valley employee Ken Mazer has won the coveted first place spot in the 2002 Discover Live Steam photo contest.  Top honors were awarded to him by a panel of judges coming mostly from the railroad supply industry.  Mazer won with a photo taken on the DS&N division last September, when he photographed his own train X241W against a clear blue sky, with GP-50 #241 in the lead, and F-7A 2200 trailing.  Mr Mazer will be eligible to receive prizes worth up to $300.00 from the contest Sponsors.  View the results on-line at

Moose Valley to provide contract services

As part of a long term acquisition plan, the Moose Valley Railroad has been contracted to provide physical plant and train operation services to the Dolittle, Semore, and Nap Railroad in northern Pennsylvania.  The DS&N is a freight and passenger line which has been plagued with start up problems due to personnel constraints.   Moose Valley construction gangs and operating department employees will be eligible to mark up for service along with regular assignments on the Delta Division.  The DS&N is internally designated the DS&N Division of the Moose Valley.  Winter operations will be limited to maintenance services while summer operations will focus on construction tasks.  

Hillside Junction closing
Hillside Junction towerDue to a line relocation project, venerable Hillside Junction tower will close on January 19th 1972.  This will occur after the line from Summit is rerouted, and a new tunnel is put in service north of the Pennatmiller signals, which along with Helper Siding, are also going out of service with the tower.  Second trick lever man Allen Broom, is scheduled to lock the doors at midnight of the appointed day.  Says Broom "The Moose Valley has been good to me and this building.  We've had a lot of good years together."  Operator Broom has not decided if he will retire, or continue in another position. The last train to rattle the tower windows was on January 15th.  The tower will remain open for an additional 4 days as communications and clerical tasks are re-facilitated.  

Engine 133 out of service

Moose Valley Alco FA-2 is out of service due to a blown prime mover.  The 133 suffered a serious mechanical failure on MVC-2, in the company of it's Alco kin number 119.  The 133 is a favorite with crews due to it's "tugboat" horn and smooth running.  The catastrophic failure occurred while ascending Valley Loop, and the unit had to be cut out of the consist at Mary's Cut.  Roundhouse supervisor G. P. "Peeps" Agne says it will be several months before a replacement prime mover can be located, and the unit overhauled.

133 down on her luck.

Engineman N.M. Murry Ties the Knot

The Moose Valley family has expanded once again, this time with the marriage of Engineer Nathan M. Murry to his lovely bride Alissa C. Farmer, both of the New Windsor area.  The wedding took place at the Grace Brethren Church of New Windsor, and the reception followed at the Mazerville-New Windsor fire house.

The reception hall

Parking which is always at a premium at M-N, was accommodated by HB Yard, leaving some residents wondering if the Moose Valley was conducting another Railfest.    Inside the hall, the newly-weds posed for this picture.

The Murry's

Obviously "Highball" Murry's commitment to safety on the Moose Valley is paramount in his mind, so we can only assume that the sign he has posted over the two love-birds is of a more domestic nature.  We expect the Moose Valley family to expand again in short order if this is the case.

Moose Valley's new "Reading Yard"

The Moose Valley has constructed a new yard in Carlisle Pennsylvania, to enhance interchange with the Reading Company.  Located near downtown Carlisle, the yard will boost employment in the town.  A locomotive facility has been built, and 2 switching crews are required to be on duty any time work is being done.  President Agne, and Reading Company president Charles E. Bertrand cut the ribbon at the grand opening ceremony, and both men indicated that an increase in traffic could be expected between West Virginia, and industrial shippers located in the north east.

Millway Western Emerges from Receivership.

The Moose Valley has been approached by the ailing Millway Western Corporation, which according to President Bill Gingrich, is in the final stages of reorganization, about interchange and routes once more.  The new Millway Western is scaled back from its original plans, but features enhanced capability, and more interchange partners according to Gingrich.  The Moose Valley is looking at this partner as an opportunity to reach the Berkshire states.
mlwroute.jpg (38959 bytes) Click the image for a full size map.

New yard facilitates Carlisle-Millersburg route.

The Moose Valley has a new yard!  Constructed on a shelf between Furnace mountain and Stoney Run creek, the new 5 track yard will facilitate the re-classification and turning of trains for routing to and from Millersburg and Carlisle.  Prior to the construction of this yard, Millersburg-Carlisle traffic had to be handled at the B&O's busy Greenspring yard.  

Enid to be served by McKendree Branch.

Consolidated Power has constructed a new 115,000 megawatt facility at Enid Pennsylvania, and the Moose Valley will transport the fuel via the new McKendree Branch.  Construction of the 6.2 mile line will begin at milepost 31.9 at Mary's Cut.  Bituminous from the Weeter Mine #2 will provide the bulk of the coal to be burned by CoPo's Enid plant.  It is expected that the new plant will receive two trains per day.

Engineering sketch of McKendree Branch trackage at Enid.

Moose Valley To reach Carlisle, PA.  New line opening.

Concurrent with the construction of the new dam and reservoir at Pikesville (employee's see bulletin 19991), the Moose Valley has been given the opportunity by way of mainline reconfiguration to reach Carlisle Pennsylvania.   The crossing of the Blue Ridge not previously feasible has now been attained by increased elevation of the new right of way.  President Agne expects to have the line open by the fall harvest season.


Millway Western LetterMillway Western falters.  Single line service program stillborn.

The Moose Valley Railroad has been informed that the Millway Western, holding company for the Milwaukee Road, Erie Lackawanna, and Delaware and Hudson railroads, has entered receivership under chapter 11 proceedings.  This information came on the heels of a proposed agreement, whereby Millway Western would handle customer service and billing for southbound shipments, and existing MV interchange partner Chessie System would handle services for northbound movements.  The Moose Valley would have acted as bridge carrier, and enter into motive power pooling agreements with both roads.  Millway Western President Bill Gingrich is quoted as saying "Here at Millway Western we are in relentless pursuit of more money." 



Monongahela LetterMonongahela Railway Offers Pittsburgh Seam Access.

The Moose Valley Railroad has been offered access to Pittsburgh Seam coal via interchange with the Monongahela Railway.  Moose Valley President Mel Agne, received word from MGA President Matt Adams that the MGA is willing to provide access via run-through agreement in exchange for line haul charges for outbound shipments from the MGA via the Moose Valley.   Under the detailed agreement, Moose Valley and MGA power would be used for respective through trains between MGA's Brownsville terminal, and the Moose Valley at Millersburg PA.  President Agne is expected to approve the deal at the next board of directors meeting.



4-4-2Moose Valley 4-4-2 Atlantic Returns to Excursion Service.

The Moose Valley Railroad has returned to service the E-6 Class Atlantic number 8370.  The 1927 Baldwin locomotive which was retired in 1956, has been stored at an undisclosed location for the last 20 years.  Moose Valley Berkeley Springs shop forces, restored the vintage passenger hauler for excursion service.   The $880,000 project included an extensive rebuild of the flues and crown sheet.   The locomotive will be involved in "limited special runs throughout the summer." according to Steam Program manager Scott Lefever.  A coal burner, the engine will require special support from local fire departments and fuel dealers, as all Moose Valley steam facilities have been retired.  No excursion schedule is available at this time.

Moose Valley visited by Amateur radio enthusiasts.

The group known as the 015 gang paid homage to the MV physical plant on April 29th.  5 individuals who utilize the Lancaster based Red Rose Repeater Association amateur radio frequency repeater at 147.015 Mhz and meet daily during the morning and evening drive times came to Berkeley Springs for an official tour.   President Agne lead the group on a tour of the facility, and then offered cab rides to the would-be railroaders.  The picture below, submitted by K3BHQ shows them enjoying themselves quite nicely.

Hams have fun